Earnfinex’s Proof Of Volume algorithm

Earnfinex is providing a solution which is very unique for user and exchange both will get best result and benefits form the blockchain of EFX. Earnfinex is always looking for a possible solution which will helpful for Traders and Exchange, this time Earnfinex presents you some unique and innovative solution from its research.
An algorithm is always a key player for any coin in the past we saw that many good projects were failed due to algorithm and ecosystem. Earnfinex is taking all major steps for its project where they can strengthen their project, Algorithm is a card player for the project and we will discuss it.
EFX is presenting “Proof of Volume” which is the world’s first of its kind and unique, PoV is designed for EFX’s trading platform and token. Proof of Volume is completely different from another algorithm where they are working on electricity or investment and the chance of 51% attack. PoV is helping EFX for mining and exchange can join with EFX for mining, total EFX volume traded on the exchange will be a key factor for this algorithm where EFX will be unlocked as per market price at the time.

Proof of Volume is working with every exchange and more users will trade, more rewards will be unlocked and this reward will be added into circulating supply on the exchange of EFX. User can buy from the exchange and trade on every exchange, every exchange that will list us will also get benefit from our side and we will distribute profit percentage with them.

As we all know EFX is not only a token but has its own ecosystem where users can read the news, do chatting and play the game. We are not commenting on any product launch in the future but all our products will be launched at once we will open our sites for the public. We ensure that our users will get regular updates from our platform and they will earn from every platform which they will be used.

We will update you about our product and how a user can earn a regular income from it, Stay tuned with us for our next article.

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