Earnfinex, the Unique Crypto Trading Platform, Allows Multiple Incomes,
Rewards, and Selling of Trading Strategies

Trade, earn and have fun, that’s the promise of the new trading platform, Earnfinex. Earnfinex is unique for its copy trade feature, where traders can sell their trading strategies to earn additional income.

Join, learn and start trading, Trading is simple it is for Earnfinex members to become traders. What’s more, members can buy and sell their trading strategies too! Trading on Earnfinex requires no prior knowledge, and ample educational and learning videos and a demo account can bring out the best in each member. New members can join and start playing with demo balance, and join real trading activities. The trading begins with good earning rewards, which can also be used for improving skills.

Earnfinex offers a copy-trade feature so that even novices can trade like experts! Any member can copy the trading strategies of their favorite trader, or sell their winning strategy and earn extra. They can create multiple strategies and sell to any number of other traders.

“Together we learn, together we win. As we all know, this platform is providing multiple earning sources and no other platform is providing this,” said a spokesperson.

Among its other features, Earnfinex has a referral program with an affiliate bonus for all users, who can earn rewards for their referred traders on every trade and purchase. Traders can earn from multiple sources, and income can be a referral, competition, Lucky draw, and Franchise. The platform holds trading competitions every day and on a weekly and monthly basis. A random reward system keeps everyone happy with rewards for three lucky winners.

Earnfinex features at a glance:

· Time-based trade, multiple trading pairs

· From x2 to x10 multiplication

· AI management

· Random Reward System for active members

· Trading advisor opportunity

· The secure platform, data encryption

Earnfinex is more than just a trading service, and offers news, an industry expert column, price predictions, technical updates and analysis, and user-generated articles and knowledge. The platform is fully secured with an advanced firewall and VPN service.

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For more information, please visit: https://earnfinex.com/

Media Contact:

Email: support@earnfinex.com

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