Earnfinex — the Smart A.I-based trading platform where you earn while playing.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, the number of people who want to invest in this fast-growing sphere has also increased. But not everyone has the desire to study in detail the characteristics of the market or enough time for exploring platforms.

Traders use a variety of different trading platforms depending on their trading style and volume. There are hundreds of different trading platforms, but there is Earnfinex — the trading platform where you can earn while playing.

Knowledge of trading is not essential on this platform. Users can follow top traders and use their success strategies. Earnfinex is unique for its “Copy trade” feature, where traders can sell their trading strategies to earn additional income. Multiple currencies for trading will give you more chances to win.

“Together we learn, together we win. As we all know, this platform is providing multiple earning sources and no other platform is providing this,” Earnfinex stated.

Earnfinex offers a powerful tool for traders. They are providing educational videos on trading that will help their users develop professional trader skills. A demo account is available for everyone who wants to improve their skill or develop new strategies.

What makes Earnfinex different is a referral program with an affiliate bonus (5 EFX per user) and signup bonus (10 EFX per user) for all users, who can earn rewards for their referred traders on new joining. Traders can earn from multiple sources, and income can be a referral, trading competition, Lucky draw, and Agency. The platform holds trading competitions every day and on a weekly and monthly basis. A random reward system keeps everyone happy with rewards for three lucky winners.

The main Earnfinex features are:

• Time-based trade, multiple trading pairs

• No need to purchase pass to participate in Lucky draw.

• A.I management

• Trading advisor opportunity

• The secure platform with data encryption

The platform is secured with an advanced firewall and VPN.

Users can also buy EFX tokens and start earning easily. EFX is a token with 2 different algorithms like POS (one of the most familiar algorithm in crypto worlds) & POV (Proof of Volume) a new algorithm that is working with Option Trading Exchange use and sold by EFX. Master Node is also an important part of the EFX and anyone can take part in it.

Earnfinex has multiple functions in one place. Start playing today. Trade, fun and earn!

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