Algorithm and Blockchain

Blockchain is very familiar with everyone now a days but blockchain has a combination of multiple technologies like SHA256 or Script, Hash, block timer and miner. Here we are discussing few technology which is used to create a blockchain and this technology makes blockchain superior in this world. Today we will discussing about “Algorithm” and many of us has idea about Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Proof of Burn, Proof of Elapsed Time, Proof of Authority, Proof of Capacity, Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance and Delegated Proof-of-Stake.

Algorithm is always important for blockchain which is providing security to blockchain and earnfinex is actively working on it. Earnfinex is not involving only in Trading Platform or Token Technology but actively participating in blockchain development as well. Our team identified the problems and solution for traders and we are developing a technology which will be provide a solution for everyone.

Our algorithm is working with exchanges which will provide extra advantage for blockchain. Our Blockchain technology is not based on miner and we are eco friendly with the nature. We are using 2 algorithms in our blockchain and one out of two is Proof of Stake, our second algorithm is developed by our team and first time in the world. We will provide more information about our newly developed algorithm in our next article.

Our blockchain has “Master Node” which will help us to validate block and working as a Supervisor of the blockchain. We can divide our blockchain in 3 main parts,

  1. Proof of Stake
  2. New Algorithm
  3. Master Node

In our next article we will talk about new algorithm and how it will affect trading technology as well blockchain in the near future