With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, the number of people who want to invest in this fast-growing sphere has also increased. But not everyone has the desire to study in detail the characteristics of the market or enough time for exploring platforms.

Traders use a variety of different trading platforms depending on their trading style and volume. There are hundreds of different trading platforms, but there is Earnfinex — the trading platform where you can earn while playing.

Knowledge of trading is not essential on this platform. Users can follow top traders and use their success strategies. Earnfinex is unique…

We all can identify that BTC is on a good swing and everyone is making profit from crypto and by the time profit number will be more. As we all know BTC is at a High of ATH and every one wants to earn a good money from it but “How to make good profit with minimum investment?” is a big question.

There are some options where you have to invest less and you can earn a lot in the return like,

  1. Leverage Trading
  2. Option Trading
  3. Future Trading

As we all know trading has uncertainty and BTC is highly volatile…

Earnfinex is providing a solution which is very unique for user and exchange both will get best result and benefits form the blockchain of EFX. Earnfinex is always looking for a possible solution which will helpful for Traders and Exchange, this time Earnfinex presents you some unique and innovative solution from its research.
An algorithm is always a key player for any coin in the past we saw that many good projects were failed due to algorithm and ecosystem. Earnfinex is taking all major steps for its project where they can strengthen their project, Algorithm is a card player for the…

Blockchain is very familiar with everyone now a days but blockchain has a combination of multiple technologies like SHA256 or Script, Hash, block timer and miner. Here we are discussing few technology which is used to create a blockchain and this technology makes blockchain superior in this world. Today we will discussing about “Algorithm” and many of us has idea about Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Proof of Burn, Proof of Elapsed Time, Proof of Authority, Proof of Capacity, Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance and Delegated Proof-of-Stake.

Algorithm is always important for blockchain which is providing security to blockchain and…

Earnfinex provides you an ultimate solution for personal skill development, we are providing you news, educational video and skill development for trading without spending any extra money.

Trading education by video and test it with demo account and sharpen your skill by practice. User can improve skills by web or on mobile application, our video’s will also useful for them to strengthen their skill.

Binary Option Trading is very simple where user has to predict the market for next 30 second after bidding, user need to understand market trend and enhance knowledge of crypto. It is a simple win or…

Trade, earn and have fun, that’s the promise of the new trading platform, Earnfinex. Earnfinex is unique for its copy trade feature, where traders can sell their trading strategies to earn additional income.

Join, learn and start trading, Trading is simple it is for Earnfinex members to become traders. What’s more, members can buy and sell their trading strategies too! Trading on Earnfinex requires no prior knowledge, and ample educational and learning videos and a demo account can bring out the best in each member. New members can join and start playing with demo balance, and join real trading activities…


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